I serve on the Ways & Means Committee where I resist efforts to increase taxes. I promised I would vote against any new taxes and I have kept my promise. Below is a list of some of the taxes I have voted against. Believe it or not, there were even more!

You would be shocked to see the Liberals and Establishment Cronies that continue to try to take money from your pocket to fund more bloated and excessive Government!

I voted consistently, over the last 4 years, AGAINST increases in taxes, fees and ever increasing government.

In the 2013 Fiscal Session, I voted AGAINST increasing your LA State Taxes by at least $1.9 Billion:

HB 653 Taxability of Sales and Services $ 4.3 M
HB 235 Increase Tax on Cigarettes Unknown
HB 247 Telecommunications Tax $ 1 M
HB 304 Increase Levy on Cigarettes $ 57 M
HB 330 Reduce Homestead Exemption $ 720 M
HB 331 Change Homestead Exemption $ 40 M
HB 417 Increase Tax on Tabacco $ 132 M
HB 529 Impose Tax on Plastic Bags unknown
HB 574 Increase Tax on Tabacco $ 283 M
HB 704 Limit Fed Tax Deduction $ 462 M
HB 711 Impose Second Tax on Plastic Bags unknown
HB 238 Telecommunications Tax $ .5 M
HB 696 Increase Corp Franchise Tax unknown
HB 697 Increase Taxes on Business unknown
HB 712 Limit Pre-existing Tax Credits unkown
HB 699 Tax Credits to ONLY One Class unknown
HB 537 Increase Levy on Tabacco Products $ 64 M
HB 576 Additional Taxing District $ 180 M

Additionally, I voted FOR measures that would decrease taxpayer liability:

HB 75 Local Sales Tax Exemption $ 1.1 M
HB 24 School Bus Gas Tax Exemption $ 2 M
HB 178 Repeal Corp Income & Franchise Tax $ 79 M
HB 716 Decrease Sales Taxes unknown

In the 2015 Fiscal Session, I led the fight AGAINST increasing your LA State Taxes by over $1.3 Billion:

HB 119 Increase Tax on Cigarettes $ 106 M
HB 218 Eliminated the NOL Carry Back $ 29 M
HB 549 Eliminated Severance Tax Exemptions on Horizontally Drilled Wells unknown
HB 555 Taxed Internet Sales unknown
HB 624 Reduced by as much as 28% personal and assorted business deductions $ 122 M
HB 629 Reduced by 28% new jobs tax credit, green jobs credit, citizens assessment credit, education credit, recycling credit, land other job expansion credits $ 31 M
HB 635 Reduced Tax Rebates given to business for Providing Quality Jobs $ 5 M
HB 805 Eliminated 25% of the State Tax Credit on Inventory Property Taxes paid to the Parishes and Eliminated Refundable Credits for Research & Development $ 129 M
HB 833 Vehicle Title Fee Increase/$50 $ 59 M
HB 778 Would have added 1% Sales Tax for 10 years for Roads & Bridges $ 792 M
HCR 8 Eliminated Business Utilities Exemption, imposing an additional 1% Tax on Utilities $ 106 M

* unknown is stated due to revenue dept’s inability to forecast the exact cost to the taxpayers. Please visit la.legis.gov for more details.