Second Amendment

Gun Ownership is a Sacred Right Outlined by Our Founding Fathers in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights…

For Our Personal Protection

I am a Conceal Carry Permit Holder. I don’t want the government telling me that I can’t defend myself.

For Our Enjoyment

Many of our citizens are gun enthusiasts and enjoy collecting, target shooting, skeet shooting and, of course, hunting. Our weapons of choice are just that …OURS!

For Our Families

My children were raised with a healthy respect for firearms. Their children will be taught that same respect. Safety first… then we focus on a good aim!

For Our Freedom and Our Nation’s Security

There are over 16 million active hunters in the United States… This huge number of armed citizens makes America’s gun owners the largest reserve land army in the world.

“I have fought tirelessly in the State Legislature to reduce gun regulations!”

100% Pro NRA Voting Record