I find that politicians talk a good game, but when they are tried in the fire, their votes don’t match their rhetoric.  The toughest thing Baton Rouge has taught me is that there aren’t a lot of people actually trying to reduce the size of Government.  I keep the pressure on my fellow Legislators, reminding them that we are in a fiscal mess and the only practical way out is to cut the size of Government.

I went to Baton Rouge to represent you and to try and instill a New Approach to Governing: Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work.

I Return Maximum Savings to the Treasury

I believe cutting the size and cost of Government starts with me!

I Pay My Own Way and Don’t Live Off My Donors

I have never used my Campaign Fund to pay for my gas or food.  I do not spend resources given to my campaign for reelection to fund my private life, entertainment or to cover my expenses.  I pay for my own stuff out of my personal finances. I give my LSU Football tickets to Dr. David Blythe, The Assistant Coroner, who has served our Military and now our Parish selflessly, for little pay, for almost 30 years, and who is a great friend and supporter.  He purchases the tickets for his use and I am so glad this great patriot enjoys this benefit.

I Give Back to My District and Community

One of the privileges of this office is the ability to know what is going on around you.  I receive detailed schedules of events and I try to participate in as many as possible.  Many times I am able to help financially to improve the situation of a non-profit, a service organization or a needy family.  I’d like to thank all of my donors who make this possible by contributing to my campaign fund which helps meet these needs.

I Live Within My Means

The salary for this job is around $16,000 per year.  We are paid a per-diem when we are in session and we receive some compensation for attending meetings that are called when the Legislature is out of session… those are rare.  I am a sales representative in the oil field for American Blasting and Coatings. I’m proud to work in the Energy Sector.  Lee and I are not rich, but I am able to pay my bills and spend time with my grand kids… what more can a proud grandmother ask for?


I wake up early and make every meeting. I was absent for three days of session in 4 years serving the Republican Party as Louisiana’s National Committeewoman and I have one of the best attendance records. By the way… I actually vote my own machine! I make as many meetings and functions in the District as possible and I have had many people remark that they have seen me more in 4 years than all other State Reps for decades. I know that they are just being polite, but I also feel the appreciation they show me because I care enough to show up!

I spend a lot of time on the road and I have put almost 100,000 miles on my car. I have never charged gas or mileage to my campaign or to the office that I serve. I asked for this job and am honored that you elected me. It has been my pleasure serving you.