The Original Legislative Opponent to Common Core

No Common CoreWe are all in favor of standards. We should not be opposed to a nation-wide effort to standardize testing. But where I drew the line was on the Federal Government’s unofficial mandate. By tying “Race to the Top” Funds to Common Core Standards they crossed the Constitutional line of NON INVOLVEMENT. I was an opponent on Day One when Obama decided to promote Common Core with federal dollars. Education has always been a State’s Rights Issue with Local Control exerted by the School Boards. I am one of eleven legislators who sued the State to remove Common Core. I pledge to continue the fight to prevent a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education and Common Core is the worst manifestation of this practice.

The Success of Fletcher Community College!

I was thrilled to join Governor Jindal, alongside other members of the Delegation, Project Engineers and BP Representatives, at the commemoration of the BP Integrated Production Technology Center that was made possible by a $4M matching Grant from the State that I helped push through the Joint Capital Outlay Committee. I am honored to  be the sole representative from our region on this critical committee that gives final approval for these types of projects.

I have made a special effort during my term of office to visit many of the schools in our District and try in some way to help our neediest schools…. either personally, with my campaign funds or by raising money from other donors. Below are photos that captured some of the magic that I felt working with the principals, staffs, teachers and students of the various schools in District 53.


Fletcher is truly a VITAL part of our higher education community.