Common Core

Common Core sounded good at first… who can disagree with National Standards… And the Governor’s Association as the starting point… all made a good sale to the previous Legislature.  When I had my first look at it, the petal had already fallen off the rose….  As a strict constructionist of the Constitution, Obama’s tying “Race to the Top” funds to the implementation of Common Core was all I needed to say “Sorry!”

Here are some more reasons:

  1. Keep the Federal Government out of Education!
  2. Parents Play a Key Role in the Education of their Children!
  3. JUST SAY NO to Pornographic Material for Schoolchildren of any age!
  4. Teachers Must BE IN AGREEMENT!  They are the Front Line Soldiers in the Battle!
  5. Keep Multiple, Competitive TEXTBOOK Publishers.
  6. NO DATA MINING of our Kids…PERIOD.

Because of these issues, I have led the fight against Common Core. I was against Common Core before it was cool…. But being against it is not enough! We must work with our educators to develop an acceptable curriculum strategy that achieves the original goals of Common Core that we all agree upon.