A lot has been accomplished on this massive project, but we still have a long way to go. It will take a team effort to get the needed funding out of an already underfunded State budget. But, I want the voters of Terrebonne Parish and District 53 to know that I am totally committed to working within the existing framework of State Government to find funding sources for our much needed levees. I want to take this opportunity to recognize the awesome job that fellow Representative Gordy Dove has done working with Governor Jindal, to squeeze critical funding out of the budget. Gordy Dove is doing a great job!!!

While each of us in the Delegation continues to work on finding more “government dollars”, I have already gone to work on my campaign promise to find funding outside of government to help us along. Working with All South Consulting Engineers, we have received an intent on behalf of Lane Grigsby (see below) to donate a gate-barge to help with the Point Aux Chene Project.

While in session, I began connecting with representatives of major oil & gas companies that do business in Louisiana. My goal is to help raise funds for a private, non-profit organization to help build levees in District 53. This private fund will augment Local, State and Federal funds and can go to work immediately completing much needed levees in District 53.


It has been a pleasure working with Rep. Lenar Whitney and Stevie Smith on the Pointe Aux Chene Project. I want to congratulate the voters of District 53 for electing a “Common Sense Conservative” who knows how to get things done. Louisiana is finally moving forward on a pro-business footing and Representatives like Lenar Whitney are a big part of the reason why!

Lane Grigsby
Baton Rouge Businessman and Philanthropist

Lane Grigsby is set to donate a barge-gate for the Pointe Aux Chenes Floodgate Project. This could save taxpayers millions.

Lane Grigsby set to donate Gate-Barge for the Pointe Aux Chene Floodgate Project. This could save taxpayers millions.

Morganza to the Gulf

Leevee Alignment and Structures Interim Flood Risk Reduction Project

Completed or up to 85%:

  • Reach B
  • Reach H-2
  • Reach H-3
  • Placid Canal Floodgate
  • Bush Canal Floodgate
  • Bayou Terrebonne Floodgate
  • Reach I
  • Humble Canal Floodgate
  • Reach J-1


  • Reach F
  • Reach G-1
  • The“Bubba Dove” Houma Navigational Canal Structure
  • Bayou Grand Caillou Floodgate


  • Reach E


  • Reach A
  • Falgout Canal Floodgate
  • Upper Dularge Floodgate
  • Reach G-2 (revised for permit)
  • Reach H-1
  • Bayou Petit Caillou Floodgate
  • Reach J-2
  • Reach J-3
  • Pointe Aux Chenes Floodgate
  • Reach K
  • Reach L

Note: Lafourche Parish is projecting use of CGBD funds to help fund Reaches K & L