For 4 years I’ve worked with the Governor and my fellow conservative Legislators to cut spending and reduce the size of government.

This is a thankless task because of the negativity surrounding the denial of someone’s idea about what government can do to help people. The problem comes down to how do we afford even more government?

We can’t afford the government we have. Our unfunded liability is currently $20 Billion. We can’t afford to implement more government when we aren’t sure if we can honor the commitments that we’ve already made.

To cut the Budget, we are going to have continue to go after some Sacred Cows:

  • I proposed Drug Testing Welfare Recipients in my first session.  It failed, but it has been adopted in about a dozen other states.  I will continue to fight for this issue.
  •  Support the Board of Regents attempts to cut the cost of higer education.  I support the unification of UNO and SUNO.  It is an obvious first step at honestly cutting waste.
  • The Slush Funds appear to have met their maker, but we will remain vigilant.

The Budget Challenge

Allow all of the Non-Federal Budget to become eligible for unification, cost sharing, surplus sharing and cuts when necessary.


Discretionary Fund

This is only about $2.8 Billion: Higher Education, Health & Hospitals, Prisons. That is all we can cut… We need access to more of the budget to make responsible cuts in the government.

The elephant in the room is Statutory Guaranteed Funds and Constitutionally Guaranteed Funds. We must elect a conservative Legislature that will deal responsibly with a Constitutional Convention to unlock the “good intentions ”of previous voter approved Constitutional Guarantees while not allowing the liberal lawyers to shred our constitution.