Your Conservative State Representative

Four years ago, I ran for political office as a novice. You elected me 60/40 over my more experienced opponent.

There were a couple of firsts in that election…. the first Republican elected to the Legislature from District 53… the first female elected to the Legislature from Terrebonne Parish…. the first freshman legislator in living memory to be given a seat on the Powerful Ways & Means Committee and the first freshman Floor Whip for the Governor on his principal legislative initiative…the education reform package.

The first couple of sessions were spent getting to know the ropes, and as a member of the critical Joint Capital Outlay Committee, many programs were shepherded to fruition benefiting Terrebonne and District 53. I am proud to say that during the last 4 years, more money was allocated to District 53 than any other District in the State… it may be the largest amount of money secured for a single house district in the history of the Legislature!

Admittedly, I continue to learn more ways to serve the people of District 53 and our Parish… and many say I provide the most hands-on constituent service of any local legislator. If you decide to return me to office and your service, I promise to continue to give District 53 the attention it has received and deserves.