NEW ORLEANS - At the Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday, Lenar Whitney announced her candidacy for congress in Louisiana’s sixth congressional district. Whitney is currently a State Representative and also the Republican National Committee Woman from Louisiana.

In her speech, Whitney declared, “I believe Republicans can make history, beginning in 2014. We have a chance to start a movement and that’s a movement I feel called to be a part of. That’s why today I am announcing my candidacy for United States Congress here in Louisiana.”

Whitney will join a growing field of Republicans seeking the seat. However, she will join State Senator Dan Claitor as the only other elected official seeking the office.

“Several people have asked me to run for this seat because I have one of the most conservative voting records in the Louisiana House,” added Whitney. “I fully intend to join the growing ranks of conservatives in Congress and I think that is something people can count on, from my past performance. I think that’s the main reason people are calling for me to run,” said Whitney.

The Legislative Session comes to a close on Monday. Whitney will hit the campaign trail on Tuesday morning. Her campaign website can be found now at www.LenarWhitney.com